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In the Way

Journey to a war on principalities and dominions with weapons that are not carnal…

Anthony Vega is getting in “The Way”

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"The most sophisticated impersonation of humanity cannot comprehend a tear.”


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Shining through the HOLY SPIRIT to spotlight JESUS

This is a rough draft of a page in my short story which I have published on the website entitled “El”. It is a bit peculiar in that it is written free hand and can give you the thought as it originally began to take shape. If you are interested in more of such “coal”, leave a message on Spaces App invite code 1WAY2GO 

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This is a turning towards Him within my spirit to project a light upon the only One  with whom there is a true and peaceful result. If you can hear the still, small voice that can change a life, or have eyes to see writing on the wall, make the secure choice that is not based in gold which tarnishes but has the power to make all things new, to shut the mouth of lions, to part the seas, lift you from darkness to marvelous light🌈then follow Him...

Interested in seeing more of my work? Please get in touch and I’ll be glad to share some more pieces with you.

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