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“A Place”

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

There is a place I want you to see

I’ve never been there myself

Someday I know I’ll be___there

And its not because of some tremendous work I’ve done

But because God sent down His only Begotten Son

To pay the Way for me

And now I’m free


He found me in a lonely place

Hidden amongst millions, He recognized my face

And He carried me feather light

He took my darkness and fear that night


Where is this someone I want you to know?

He’s sure to be everywhere

I hope someday you go___there

You know its just because of some tremendous thing He’s done

He’s swallowed all of our shame and cleansed us with His blood

Opened my eyes to see

And now I’m free


His voice beckons

He knocks on the door of your heart

When you let Him in, that’s when the healing starts

Now there is no better time

He has found you just in time, in His time

He’s been there all this time


There is a Savior that waits with open arms

Who’s loved you since the first dawn

Pray for the day you get___there

Because this world can’t give you anything you can take away

Jesus gives all you need forever and a day

Life eternally

And now you’re free…

The Beginning

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