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“ Gain of Function” (Spiritual)

Updated: Jul 13, 2022


The Word spoke truth, and life and “The Way” into being;

Eternity past, through today, till God knows when.

One’s spirit led by Spirit to heaven’s threshold;

A bride to be— ugly,broken,stumbling crippled to the door.

Faith bursts from chrysalis then with transforming power weds hope.

Once upon the throes of death we danced torn and twisted, deeply invested;

Dim days meandering wayward, following sirens—haunting temptation—

Life in deadly detour finds miraculous delivery—Holy rescue!

Now repentant, the chosen from wide road to narrow gate stand delivered.

Dark night fails to conquer glorious Dayspring.

Racing towards infinite time, saved by One both God and Man.

Plucked by the One and Only who can absorb and make new.


Making secure that which awaits, cemented in trusting,

As manifold truth reinforces testimony, echoes of prophet upon prophet!

Daughters and sons tethered to such Divine adoption,

Every care expressed or prayer conceived reaches the Beginning and the End.

The peace most confidently evident can be tested but not shaken;

Of those predestined_whose roots continue deeply embedded,

Swallowed jealously— the hungry soil nurtures without fail.

Surely the banner raised steadfastly leads the march ever onward.

The destination is clear though the road to travel obscure.

Tantalizing hints flicker_dancing on the wood_living in the diamond!

From the humble pudding rises delicious nectar, euphoric flavor;

Sweet trace aroma, soul mingling harmony, lingering sustain.


Drapes thrown open as blood pulses upon revelation!

From your knees the chasm bridged, escalade of sin apparent!

Evidence the changes —breathing—sightlessly finding regeneration,

Temporal vanity like filthy rags discarded by the wayside.

Rebellion from inner sanctum replaced by sanctification.

Almost in view—nevertheless—here and ever-present, rescuing the lost

Is that which is undeniable, not merely a stop gap possible conclusion.

Elevated expectation will ascend to purity’s location.

So having discovered the answer we are rewarded the Example.

The Door open to where tears are vanquished along with mourning, death and fear.

Cascading love for the Promise riding with eyes like a flame of fire!!!

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So beautiful, my baby ❤️❤️

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