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‘Happy New Years’

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Happy New Years lasts all of fifteen seconds.

Whether you lay sleeping or stay up kissing `21 goodbye.

`22 , `21 ,`20 you’re caught in a masquerade—

Calendar turns… “Happy New Year?” Nice try…

Tears have hardly left the eyes in Philadelphia.

With twelve gone, mourn seventeen more in the Bronx.

Wildfire and rumor spread from Boulder to Denver.

Old Kentucky home … the land New Years forgot.

Kazakhstan backs down from the rich old ruler.

Sabers rattle with tanks hiding in plain sight.

“Kill without Warning!”, hellbent with bloody power—



Stop the presses—there is no more truth in Hong Kong.

The verdict is in Ghislaine, now to whom do you appeal?

Left led to destruction leads right to insurrection.

When you leave the Truth its with the devil you deal.

Go and celebrate your Immaculate Reception.

Betty surely landed on the All-Madden Team.

Tik Tok with this generation surely takes advantage.

What is seen isn’t always what it seems.

In this world refrain, aim to be a stranger.

I can no more be you than you can be me.

Together in Christ we die and are resurrected.

And now we’re New Ears and New Eyes to see.

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