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Joy of the Struggle ( I Repeat )

Why is the struggle so overwhelming?

We all breathe involuntarily until the End.

So where is the value in complaining?

Can we see past our self preoccupation?

There is so much joy on the horizon.

A silver platter si'l vous plait...

A Gatling gun of passion, laughs, and filthy rags;

Scroll away and the ammunition never ends,

Upload artificial purpose into the window of your soul---

We as vapor disappear-so what will we leave behind?

A legacy, a laugh, a lie, a stash of ivermectin?

Washington left Delaware to bravely flex some muscle,

Furor blankets Putin who with patience without conscience,

Tunes the orchestra of crimes against humanity with bludgeoning chorus.

The clock speaks and in Bejing they and she listen,

It came from some silly little thing the labcoat lectures.

Diablo getting rich on the backs of those escaping and escaping---

The traffic is heavy in the pipeline - federales sit on their hands.

East Palestine chokes where Big Business and D.C. share a sleeper...

From Kentucky sprung living water being and feeding the kingdom of heaven.

Hope feeding revival and renewing of our mind,

" ...knowing the testing of your faith produces patience."*

For the faithful, everlasting peace can't be far behind.

*James 1:3

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