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The Unraveling of the World Series

First things first. It is November. The "Fall Classic", as the World Series has been referred to for over a century, belongs in October! As big a Yankee fan as I purport to be, there should never have been a Mr. November(with all due respect and I emphasize ALL DUE RESPECT #2, @TheCaptain D-E-R-E-K-J-E-T-E-R). Perhaps part of my angst is rooted in the fourteen years of futility since the "Bombers" laid claim to being WORLD SERIES CHAMPS,...Nah.

Oh, the pastoral beauty of those early OCTOBER afternoons!(you heard that right young-uns) The undisputed best of both leagues, having undergone the grueling crucible of a one hundred and sixty two game schedule, to outlast and out duel all comers, would lock horns in a best of seven game matchup to decide the bragging rights of the planet, procuring baseball immortality! Elementary school children through to high schoolers could lobby mom and/or dad to scratch out a tiny trumped up smokescreen to submit to an unwitting teacher as to why you NEEDED to be excused from the previous day's schooling . This in order to partake firsthand the spectacle, the annual "Fall Classic".

I can still recall the epic nineteen sixty-eight game seven matchup between Bob Gibson and Mickey Lolich(pitching on two days rest!), both going the distance...(yes Sparky, you read that right), the Tigers coming back from a three games to one deficit to capture the crown. Will any real baseball fan ever forget the feats of the '69 "Amazin' Mets"?! Tommie Agee's centerfield exploits, along with "Tom Terrific" and company, taking down those powerful Baltimore Orioles featuring both Frank AND Brooks Robinson, Boog Powell alongside a pair of aces the likes of Mike Cuellar and Dave McNally! In five games no less!

How I pine woefully for the paradise lost when any television with at least a pair of (wait for this) rabbit ears produced unfettered access to the pinnacle of America's Pastime! Plain and simple. Now, even though I have a Sling package that practically guaranteed me a front row seat to the anticipated clash between the Texas Rangers and the Arizona Diamondbacks in HI-DEF; along with more channels than Carter has liver pills(good luck with that one kids), though I receive Fox News, Fox News Live, Fox Weather Channel, FS1&2, since my "location" is Pensacola, Florida I have no access to the local Fox affiliate...hell in a handbasket.

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