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First Responder

‘The Responder’

The flesh very predictable defining you and me /

Physiologically speaking the fluctuation comparatively small /

Elemental percentages fall within minuscule amounts /

When we approach such things somewhat logically /

Typical describes a multitude, unique…very few /

A chasm wide, seems the divide between me and you.

The bones that shape us have an ache reminding you and me /

Mine are lacking calcium while yours for desperate circumstance /

A technician in emergency_ a psychological acrobat /

With a mindset so altered exercising courage unconditionally /

Wired for risk daily, something we dare for a precious few /

How strong the rope, so strong our hope responds for me and you.

The blood escapes red naturally regarding you and me /

We can’t be positive of a match, however bleed we will /

When we are face to face in reality differences won’t matter /

Our beating hearts will be racing automatically /

The steps we take will be measured yet hastily thought through /

Destined so close. Perhaps? Almost? Too far me and you?

The Responder skirts the target engulfing enemy /

Having little regard for limb the rescue only matters /

Loved ones must live with the siren’s calling /

The returning hero is not guaranteed in this reality /

‘Til death separate us laugh and cry sunshine and blue

Gone preparing, place for sharing, rescue me and you.

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