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Zelensky v. Putin

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

( War and Rumors of Nuclear War) Half Yellow Half Blue

A flag of three colors rolls menacingly westward, invading from the south, raining from the north-manned by puzzled youth, directed by a vision of yesterday, through eyes set on a prized beauty / Steely the prey now settled having been slapped to attention, make haste to make safe the heritage and the future of the land- A rude cousin claiming the mantle of Big Brother has rekindled within them a righteous indignation.

Valiant they stand- Half Yellow Half Blue

A flag of three colors, relentless in ambition, ruthless in its methods-absent in conscience, calculates in error having underestimated the valor-Rhetoric atomic rattling sabres, wives brandishing kitchen knives in a tank fight / Drums keep pounding in the ears of the neighbors, attacking apathy in heroic disdain. Calling in earnest, calling in markers, marking their territory; cocktail mixing class is in session, forty million reasons for fighting- Standing fiercely in the face of a tyrant

Defiant they stand- Half Yellow Half Blue

Moms with babes trudge for the border, Good Samaritans roadside feeding the hunger of those seeking freedom- Rifles are handed to the willing and the able as the sirens chase the terrified hopeful. Stay safe is the refrain we offer to Ukraine as if wishing could carry the targeted safely home. War crimes are levied as that isn’t redundant. Innocents and fearful in roulette sit at the tables, the bloody game deadly as the West antes up. We all saw it coming but stood deer in the headlights, so, too little-too late we arrive to a Putin satanic dance

Pray we stand by- Half Yellow Half Blue

A flag of three colors that is loaded for bear with a leader leading the blind who some say is paranoid and truly setting conscience aside- Going scorched earth on the grounds where the children play, whole neighborhoods underground; singing hymns to the only One who truly saves. The occupation closing in as the insurgency pleads for twenty-first century bandaids. The madman needs to be paralyzed like the cities he aims to eviscerate as Ukrainians hunker down living breath to breath. LIving to breathe for freedom and for God’s sake. Meanwhile the world takes a look inside itself in realtime. Are we shrinking away inside, half yellow-half blue? Or are we standing in courage with-

Ukraine———Half Yellow Half Blue

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So perfectly said. What brave people Ukrainians are. I pray God intercedes

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