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“The End of The Super Bowl” (Grace Wins!) by Anthony Vega

Updated: Feb 9

New York Post Online-February11, 2023, 5:03 p.m. PST, Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas

World renowned environmentalist Gert Green and Hip-Hop's supernova Lazer Quik along with one hundred lucky kids from Blooming Youth of the Bronx gathered on the fifty-yard line sitting in a circle around the emblem of a duck. The group's chaperones comprised of loving parents and civic leaders peppered the perimeter. In the distance faint sirens resonated; a common nuisance to be acknowledged, evaluated, then, in this case, investigated.

The Palace Minions Marching Band, two hundred strong, bursting through the barrier, leading the visiting squad onto the gridiron in a frenzied apocalyptic manner brought the startled crowd to its feet in anticipation! The entire notoriously mischevous percussion ensemble tagged 'No Mas', initially blended within before leaking from the core of the fabled Palace Minions sparking orchestrated mayhem.

Brandishing camouflaged Katyusha rocket launchers, 'No Mas' eliminated a third of those in the far reaches of the stadium. The venue's landlord known as 'Yo Jeffe' had warned of this day as he streamed the event from thirty thousand feet. Mankind outside "The House", as the iconic structure had become known, were mostly about their business as usual until sketchy reports began dribbling to various news outlets.

Gert's thousands and Lazer's ten thousands brooded. Without tickets or proper credentials, they were relegated to sterile uninspired tailgating, washed down with unrequited love. The media machine ran with unsubstantiated shady reports from sources filtered through 'The Conductor', spewing as gospel blind opinions concerning the carnage raging unabated within the caldron. The massacre screamed through frantic messaging via trapped horrified spectators surviving the initial onslaught.

Logistical staff representing the Marching Palace Minions eliminated the formidable event security with ridiculous ease before the carnage to the unsuspecting patrons unfolded. The city's Special Force rallied from the previous misdiagnosed diversion in the distance. Navigating midtown traffic at an agonizing snail pace took a toll measured in lives lost as well as souls physically and psychologically disfigured.

Swarming the exits like a flood, hordes met instant death racing towards doom meted out at the hands of the terror squads awaiting them. Prodded at the order of 'The Conductor', scores fell prey to unspeakable acts of predatory violence; succumbing to horrifically degrading paraded carnal violation. Some desperate innocents preferred leaping to their deaths from the cheap seats.

The lower level of what had become a modern day inverted Roman Coliseum met their demise through repeating Carlo submachine gun lead delivered by the visiting team's cheerleaders. A few brave souls wrestled small arms from those attacking, temporarily defending themselves and others, sending filthy demonic martyrs to imagined appointments otherwordly; the brave then overcome, falling in valiant honorable death at the hands relentless 'No Mas' hordes.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."*

The tactical guerrillas having vanquished the sleeping security at the onset proceeded with fervor against brave, spirited, ultimately sacrificial resistance; taking potshots and selfies as those hoping the miraculous scattered frantically for any remaining cover. 'The Conductor' with a contingent of dancers glided gleefully into the melee dropping grenades at pockets of dazed screaming stragglers; young mingled with old, the handicapped with the helpless.

Among those still breathing were children who'd watched parents die fending off predators void of conscience.

Among a precious few hundred selected to survive and held for ransom were Gert Green joined by Lazer Quik, swiftly herded away to catacombs beneath the playing field turned killing field. A handpicked few, whether by design or short straw, fell victim to being displayed like trophies, enduring shameful inhumane torture until merciful mortality's final curtain!

Members of the Palace Minions faced a dilemma. Head for the corridors in search of safety with a chance of becoming 'No Mas' target practice or embrace the evil and remain complicit, marching lockstep in vile harmony. Two beds, one choice.

Belatedly the Special Force arrived on scene looking to bring the perpetrators to their knees encountering the revelers outside who applauded the effort to root out and condemn the invaders---seeking justice for those lives satanically ended and the rescue of the Blooming Youth of the Bronx along with their beloved Gert Green and Lazer Kwik. As the Special Force drew nearer 'No Mas', the dancers and 'The Conductor' barred themselves inside the bowels of the venerable stadium wearing the hostages as human insurance policies; leaving the reluctant, yet defiant, Marching Palace Minions to shield 'No Mas', their own flesh and blood betrayers from the Special Force, the merciful faction that could save them. Even so, a great many choose to bite the hand that feeds, fomenting generational genocidal fervor.

'No Mas', having successfully executed terror upon horror unseen for decades; exponentially unfathomable torture in the minds of any 'civilized' people group, labeling this level of savagery as 'resistance' barely scratches the surface termed ludicrous! Evil so diabolically vile transcends humanity's conception!

Astonishingly however, the revelers outside ground zero where the unthinkable continued, those whose initial righteous indignation coincided with the mission of the Special Force, morphed into brainwashed tools, blindly embracing 'No Mas', taking on their cause as their own, no questions asked, thereby painting the Special Force as the predator! Meanwwhile Gert and Lazer in addition to the Blooming Youth play the part of pawns; nothing more than flesh leverage; the means to an end for 'The Conductor', his puppet master ideology loaded on the backs of the Marching Palace Minions. Attacks upon the Special Force, who physically and spiritually symbolize protection and tranquility, came from the four winds riding the wave of multi-frenetic hatred. Heretofore and forever an international stumbling block.

"Stop all the hostilities! Allow the embattled brave remaining members of 'No Mas' carrying 'The Conductor' on their shoulders led by the dancers cradled within the escort of the Marching Palace Minions, return from whence they came in exchange for the Blooming Youth of the Bronx, Gert Green and Lazer Kwik! AND support 'The Conductor' FOR A REPEAT PERFORMANCE THAT HE HAS VEHEMENTLY PROMISED!!!", demand the University of Diverse Perversity tweaked by fascist anarchists and echoed by pathetic political pundits.

Can you say, "Peace and safety, Peace and safety!?!?"

The deceived worldwide wail, "No Mas fight! 'No Mas' fight!

Scream we your human shield!

Infant mama, infant mama, die before us please!"

"The climate must change!", rails Ms. Green.

"Do you know who she is!!, exclaims Lazerites incredulously.

New York Post Online-February 12, 6:06 a.m. PST


"Prince, he wants no trouble,

While those who tease trouble seas

So surely fingerprints I ran

While leaders knock their knees..." courtesy of

Dateline: Los Angeles, California__March 28, 2024

New York Post Online-March 25,2024, 12:12 p.m. PST


Gert Green to throw out first pitch ⚾️ at Dodger home opener. Lazer Quik to sing Persian national anthem.

New York Post Online-March 28, 2024, 3:16 p.m. PST, Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas

'YO JEFFE' finally bellows, "ENOUGH!"... and the Child seperates those He treasures from the costume jewelry and it's a final... (PERIOD)

*John 15:13

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