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You’re Welcome

They will kill you for your sneakers- They will kill you for your flag- They will kill you for your money- For the words up on your cap-...


There it is and there it isn't but this isn't slight of hand. This is ice cold reality. Naked and cutting, bleeding and fresh. These are...

Toh Jam

The half-filled auditorium of the Tohickon Middle School, the sight of the "Toh Jam" Jazz Festival on the outskirts of Doylestown, P.A.,...


Eric lay married to the sidewalk, supported by a pillar of the dollar store. He grabbed my soul as I pondered his situation. I felt a...

How Did We Get Here?

“ There are many levels to this domination process as it cascades down from the elite few as in the example of George Soros,…Biden, Xi, …”

“A Place”

There is a place I want you to see I’ve never been there myself Someday I know I’ll be___there And its not because of some tremendous...

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