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“Indivisible” by Anthony Vega

So I heard of a solar eclipse and how a nation bathed in wonder became enthralled and how the unifying effect of its sure and rare occurrence struck a chord of harmony all to unfamiliar in our so-called indivisible republic. A faint echo in our fading allegiance to an idea that is in as much peril today as the days leading to its Divine formation. As Cinderellas danced their way through brackets until pumpkin status took hold; women’s tilts soared to extraordinary levels of interest, and MLB’S Opening Day unfolded. Along came the “Masters” where the best ever limped home seemingly apropos as to the state of global affairs. No matter that there are near one hundred hostages still held captive underground six months dealing with the unthinkable, besides another thirty-four whose lives in all probability have been taken; that Sudan is bleeding and Ukraine is dying and millions dead and displaced worldwide by oppression. And what if an ex-president is criminally prosecuted. The Yanks swept the Astros so all is well with the world? We must decide, quiet preferred or happy to chat Uber ride? Take the drill out of Alaska and put Japan on the moon! Let’s shout “Death to America!!!”, and wait on Tik Tok to tell us what fool thing to do next :) Better still, reflect on Good Friday and the Resurrection’s celebration which offers the hope steeped in the promise of a Better Day when every knee will bow…

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Beautiful boy, beautiful mind. Well said, my love ❤️❤️

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