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Innocence Lost

To conjure a depth of depravity escaping imagination is futile,

Souls vacant of light destroy and defile the innocent.

Helpless blood curdling cries from the captured with hands tied,

In the shadows, in the fields, wearing corpses, frozen in FEAR!!!

“Where is abba? I need my imma, why are you hurting me?

My home is fallen down, the sirens too much now, is it ok to cry now?”

Sowing terror and horror, your filth and stench clinging, defining you.

Without repentance and surrender your cell of Sheol obliges your reservation.

Your thirst for the LORD’s wrath will bring the sword from His Angel.

Grasp His cup with both hands, open wide for woe immeasurable this side of forever.

Like chaff your worthless purpose scatters along humanity’s wayside.

The virtuous lock arms as evil forces in vain march lockstep.

An evil man out of the treasure of his heart produces evil!

Blind leading the blind — the ditch swallows them whole.


WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME? My eyes see only red now,

all I do is cry now. Yeshua shelter me…"

Have we called fire down from heaven?

Do you love your children as much as you hate mine?**

The Iron Dome wavers even-so the Star of David eternally stands;

“Blessed are the peacemakers,

For they shall be called sons of God.”*

*Matthew 5:9 #jesuslives#sonofgodsonofman#yeshua#yahweh#godofisrael#israelstrong#ukraine#starofdavid#goldameir**

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WOW WOW WOW Powerful. Definitely post this!!!

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