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On the Road Again (Confessions of the Trusted House Sitters)

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Tell a group of friends you hate your job and are bored with your life, and each one will have a different suggestion as to how you can change your measly existence and live happily ever after. Google "What to do in Kalamazoo, Michigan," and Trip Advisor will give you the top 15 attractions within a 30-mile radius. Step into Barnes and Noble with a free afternoon and...Or, you could just hit the ground running, and fishtail out of town.

When you tell a total stranger that in the past three weeks you have been to the Pacific Northwest, El Yunque Rainforest of Puerto Nm. M no I'm no m m

No. No. I no I'm no. No I'm Mo I I'm N I no

Rico, and the hill country of Texas, and that you have no idea where

you will lay your head down to sleep three months from now, we have learned that a vast majority will say, "You should write a book!" Well, here goes. Cue Willie Nelson.

Here is our story of vacation, exhiliration, discontent, disbelief, overextension, exasperation, desperation, redemption, escape, "LOOK OUT BELOW!!! and let me reload, blown away, and as Kramer would say, "Oh, we're out there Jerry." Picture a mashup of Boxcar Willie and Thelma and Louise, "I've Been Everywhere Man".

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